King's College Sports Hub

The King’s Sports Hub project has evolved considerably since being launched.  There are now three phases to the Sports Hub, with phase one starting in early 2017.  It will be a state-of-the-art cricket school, providing three indoor nets. As well as being a world-class addition to our cricketing provision it will, alongside our existing sports hall, be used for a number of other indoor activities. 

We are very pleased to announce the second phase of our project, which is to cover one of the new tennis and netball courts, providing an extremely useful all-weather facility for these two games.

The third phase is a major improvement of the current sports hall.  The new cricket school will mean that more sports can be played for longer in the existing sports hall, opening up access to this key facility.  In addition to the new lighting already in place, we will remodel the entrance, install a new floor and heating and build an indoor climbing wall.

The three phases of our sports development will jointly provide an outstanding boost to our sports facilities and will benefit a range of games for both boys and girls and underline the strength of our sporting tradition at King’s.

The benefits to our pupils:

* Excellent facilities for cricketers, netball and tennis players
* The chance to practise a wide range of sporting disciplines throughout the year
* The best facilities for boys and girls to perform to their full sporting potential
* A solution to the demand for high quality indoor space
* The encouragement of lifelong participation in physical activity
* More space and time for strength and conditioning
* More time available for other sports in our existing sports hall


Roger Knight

Roger Knight

Chairman of the School Council and President MCC